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5 Best Gaming Apps For Android 2022

It was difficult for gamers to play games on their Android Phones when they had little memory chips installed. Now, the odds are different. People prefer playing games on their Android Phones rather than PCs because Android Games have greatly improved. The developers have upgraded the visuals and gameplay style of Android Games. That’s why gamers prefer playing Android Games on their smartphones. People were used to installing Bluestacks for playing Android Games on their PCs, but now they want a powerful smartphone to play games easily.

Now which game is worth playing on your smartphone? Which games should you install if you have a smartphone with a powerful CPU and RAM? This question will be answered now. We’ll provide the best games for your Android phone. You’ll stick to your Android phone for hours when you will play the game we list. So be ready because we’re about to reveal some exciting games worth playing. You can also make your career in gaming when you have earned good skills in these games.

5 Best Gaming Apps For Android 2022

You can play these games on a powerful Android Phone. Expecting smooth gameplay on a low-performing smartphone isn’t good because these games have some extraordinary visuals. So it’s difficult for a low-performing smartphone to run these games smoothly.

  1. Apex Legends
  2. PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground)
  3. Call of Duty Mobile
  4. GTA Vice City (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)
  5. Asphalt 9

These are the 5 games you can play on your Android Phone. Playing these games will kill your boredom, and you can play them for long hours. I’ll review these games individually to make you understand.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the first game on our list worth playing on your smartphone. This is a Battle Royale Hero Shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment. This studio worked hard to create this game and produced a fantastic masterpiece. Electronic Arts are the one who helped Respawn Entertainment to publish this game under their banner. This game was released in 2019, and in just three years, millions of players have been attracted to this game.

The Apex Legends’ engine was Unreal Engine 4 and had some outstanding visuals. A low-performing smartphone can never run this game because Unreal Engine 4 is a heavy format. Games developed under Unreal Engine 4 are considered severe, so it’s difficult for a low-quality smartphone to run Apex Legends smoothly because it was also built on Unreal Engine 4.


The 2nd game which needs no introduction is PUBG. Its full name is Players Unknown Battleground, and it’s also a Battle Royale game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. This game was released in 2017 and changed the concept of smartphone gaming. This is the only game that caught the attention of numerous gamers because of its perfect playstyle and communication system.

Smartphone gaming wasn’t that popular before PUBG. When PUBG Mobile was released, millions of gamers played this game, bringing smartphone games to the map. People can’t live without PUBG because of its outstanding battle royale gameplay. The best part about this game is its communication system. You can play with your friends and send voice messages directly. This communication system was never introduced in the previous games, but PUBG Studio introduced this method, and people loved it.

PUBG is the most demanding Android game, and its competitions are also held. Millions of dollars are distributed in the tournaments to PUBG players. This is the only game you should play and gain expertise. Some gamers want to make careers in gaming. I’d suggest that gamers should play PUBG to make their career. People use WhatsApp Plus APK to send messages through a small popup on your smartphone screen’s upper side. People used to send messages about the next move, but PUBG’s voice message system has resolved this issue. You can directly send voice messages to your friends.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the 3rd game on our list. This game was released after PUBG and Activision published it under their banner. Every year Activision releases a new Call of Duty game, but in 2019, they introduced a new game. Activision only released Call of Duty games for Microsoft Windows, but when PUBG was gaining fame, Activision then decided to release a game like PUBG Mobile. Activision was a famous publisher, so it was easier for him to market his game. This Call of Duty Mobile was the only game that competed with PUBG. Later, Activision released some other smartphone games, but still, PUBG is on the map.

GTA Vice City (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)

GTA Vice City is the 4th game on our list, and this one also doesn’t need any introduction. It was the childhood game of every gamer, but it was released on Microsoft Windows. Rockstar Games decided to launch this game on smartphones. Millions of gamers loved this game, and when they heard about its release on smartphones, they also installed this game to pass their time.

GTA Vice City is an Open-World Action and Adventure video game. Rockstar North developed this game, and Rockstar Games published it. Now the remastered version of this game is also released. The remastered version has some outstanding graphics but isn’t available on smartphones. You must play its remastered version on your Desktop PC or a Gaming Laptop.

This game was released on 29 October 2002 for PC and Microsoft Windows, but in 2012, Rockstar finally decided to release this game on Android. So its Android release date was 12 December 2012. Smartphone gaming wasn’t that popular in 2012 and 2013, but gamers still loved GTA Vice City. To Download GTA Vice City For Android, you must visit ATOZ APK to find the working game. This website has provided a detailed guide on its downloading and installation. So if you don’t know the installation pattern, you can learn that from the website we listed behind.

Asphalt 9

After mentioning some action, adventure, and shooting games, it’s time to list a racing game. Asphalt 9 Legends is the best game to pass your time well and kill boredom. Gameloft Barcelona developed this game, and Gameloft published it for Android, iOS, iPad OS, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series. It has 2 modes, Single Player and Multiplayer. Before entering into its Multiplayer, you must play its Single Player to learn some skills. You can compete with online players when you have learned some racing skills.

Final Words

So these were the 5 Best Gaming Apps For Android 2022. I have mentioned some best games that kill boredom. If you want to be a professional gamer, Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile are our recommendations. Be an experienced player in these games to make your career. So that’s all for now and let’s see which game upgrades well in 2023.


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