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Thursday, November 30, 2023

5 Best Apps to Spy on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook is one of the most renowned social media networks globally. According to a survey, approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide have accounts on Facebook. Nonetheless, like every other social media platform, Facebook also becomes the target of online scammers and cybercriminals. Therefore, in order to protect your account from these hackers, you should take some prevention.

Usually, these hackers and spies target teenagers and kids because of their innocent minds and unawareness. Moreover, the purpose of targeting children is to access their connections and misuse their information. Thus, if you are also concerned about your children’s activities on social media, you can spy on their Facebook messenger.

For this, you should opt the best spying apps for iPhone to keep track of your kid’s activities.

The Five Best Apps to Snoop Facebook Messenger

In this guide, you will explore the five best applications to spy on the Facebook messenger of your spouse, children, or anyone you want to keep your eyes on. However, you may find some of them free, while you may have to pay to access the rest. Let’s begin our list with the first application.

1. mSpy

Of course, mSpy should be ranked the first number because of its ultimate features and the functions it delivers. This is one of the most popular spying apps that not only works for Facebook, but is also used to spy on Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. mSpy is considered the most reliable parental control application.

However, if you want to protect your children from cybercriminals and inappropriate content, mSpy is a versatile option. This app can help you monitor multiple things on your smartphone. You can sneak into their Facebook messenger, track their personal messages, incoming and outgoing calls, Instagram, WhatsApp, other social media apps, and even their location.

This application is compatible with iOS and Android devices and doesn’t take very long to set it up to spy on Facebook messenger. This application contains plenty of useful features that make you alert in case of any dangerous activity happening on the connected device.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plan Price Validity
Premium $41.99 Monthly
Premium $23.56 Quarterly
Premium $9.91 Annually


  • Allows you to screen record the Facebook news feed
  • You can view all Facebook messages
  • Helps you monitor Facebook search history
  • You can restrict the Facebook app


  • Doesn’t offer any free trial

2. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is another easiest-to-use application to spy on Facebook Messenger that is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be set up within minutes. Unfortunately, this app also doesn’t come for free. You have to purchase its subscription to access its features.

CocoSpy application works by displaying all outgoing and incoming calls on a connected smartphone, and monitors Facebook activities, chat, and search history. Not only this, but it also tracks other social media platforms to keep track of your kids’ activities.

Unlike the above Facebook spying application, CocoSpy does not screen record the news feed or keystroke logger, but it is only suitable for people who want to sneak people’s Facebook messages only.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plan Price Validity
Basic $39.99 Monthly
Premium $59.99 Monthly
Premium $99.99 Annually


  • Monitor all Facebook activities
  • You can install this app using iCloud
  • Tremendously user-friendly
  • Setting it up is convenient


  • No free trial is offered
  • Does not screen record news feed

3. Mobile Tracker

Then comes the Mobile Tracker app to spy on Facebook Messenger which is absolutely free. This application allows you to track all Facebook activities including messenger calls, messages, location, and news feed of the target smartphone. In addition, Mobile Tracker also detects the time involved in the chat of each message.

Nevertheless, one drawback of this application is that it does not provide an access to sneak into the main Facebook app and does not screen record the news feed as well. However, this app can display what is going on on the connected mobile. However, you can take screenshots virtually with the help of this app. You can access this app in both Android and iOS smartphones for free.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plan Price Validity
Basic Free Unlimited


  • Gives full access to Facebook Messenger
  • Completely free to use
  • You can view mobile activities in real-time
  • Allows you to take screenshots virtually


  • Several features are less responsive

4. Spyera

Spyera is another popular application to spy on Facebook Messenger and other social media apps. If you want to check on Facebook messages, Spyera is going to be a very useful application for you that offers some exclusive features.

Nonetheless, this spy app also allows you to access the user’s smartphone generally. So, you can also keep an eye on the contacts, incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and other social media app activities as well.

One more incredible feature of this app is that you can easily find out the location, especially if you’re spying on your spouse or child. Moreover, this app is ideal for parents who want to spy on more than one child because with a single subscription you can operate it on multiple devices.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plan Price Validity
Smartphone $91.45 Monthly
Tablet $70.99 Monthly
Windows $50.35 Monthly
All in one $502.48 Monthly


  • This app is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS
  • Offers integrated screen recorder with keystroke logger
  • Records calls through Facebook Messenger
  • Also records all network connections


  • Doesn’t offer free plan
  • Premium plans are extravagant

5. EyeZy

Last but not least comes EyeZy, which is one of the top and most-used apps to spy on Facebook messenger. If you’ve broken up with your partner and want to know the reason behind it, this app is just a perfect choice for you. Through this app, you can check on the social media activities of your boyfriend and identify what’s going on with his messenger.

You can effortlessly operate this app and determine if your boyfriend is cheating on you. This app will help you identify their location, calls, text messages, and other activities. It means that you can keep an eye on your spouse hassle-freely, when they’re not home or in town.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plan Price Validity
Premium $47 Monthly
Premium $83.97 Quarterly
Premium $119.88 Annually


  • You can restrict Facebook usage
  • Allows you to screen record while Facebook is open
  • Displays all Facebook activities
  • You can set up the time of app blocking
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • No free trial is offered
  • Pricing plan is expensive

Final Words

So, by the end of the day, you would get to know whether your kids are involved in some positive activities and spouse is loyal with you. However, installing a spying app is extremely helpful not only to spy on Facebook messenger but other social media platforms and call logs as well.

Other than keeping an eye on your spouse and kids, it is also important to maintain check and balance on the activities of the person you’re doing business with. Therefore, acquire the best spying application for you can feel confident in your social connections.

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