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4 Reasons to Have Your YouTube Video Scripts Written

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Your YouTube channel is a hit and you don’t know where to turn? On the contrary, your freshly edited videos are not attracting the attention of your audience? Few likes, rare comments and few commitments from a community that is slow to find itself… In both cases, writing your texts takes you a long time! Either you run after time. You juggle to manage your communication and your sales. Either you are rather discouraged or you try to diversify your subjects, but nothing works. In short, whatever your profile, you are overwhelmed and it shows in the image. Cut 🎬! Now is the time to take a step back from the quality of your visual contentTutorialspresentations, vlog episodesYouTube gives you a royal voice to get your name out there. It is therefore a cornerstone of your online business that needs to be treated with care. When time is short, have you considered delegating the editorial part? How does a copywriter go about writing the perfect scenario? What do you have to gain by having your YouTube video scripts written by a digital writing professional?

1. A copywriter is a force to properly target your topics and your audience

With more than 2 billion monthly users worldwide, the power of the video format is well established. A YouTube channel is a must for a beginner or experienced web entrepreneur. To effectively write good video scripts, let’s take a look inside the mind of a writer. Let’s follow his journey to produce writings capable of capturing and retaining your audience.

The right questions to ask yourself to publish videos that hook the Internet user

Realize: more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute! To hold the visitor’s attention on YouTube, your content must go a step further than what already exists. Whether funny, documentary or informative, a good video is always clear and pleasant to watch. Throughout the writing, it is advisable to keep in mind the message and the expectations of its recipient. So, the first step is to ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What does he want to know?
  • What are you the specialist for him?
  • What’s your style?
  • What themes can you dissect and popularize?
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2 tools to federate and retain your community around your YouTube channel

To seduce and convert your subscribers, there is no room for improvisation. When you get your YouTube video scripts written, your writer will definitely suggest you to use 2 must-have tools.

  1. The editorial calendar: like the professional media, it lists the angle of upcoming topics and their release dates. It guarantees consistency and diversity throughout the publications.
  2. The YouTube Video Script Canvas: A Production Template will guide you. You gain efficiency from design to post-production. A good video script structure guarantees a well-paced format and this tempo is essential to keep your audience’s attention until the end.

2. An editor brings the method to obtain impactful videos that inflate your community

This first step of “what to say to whom” crossed, let’s move on to the how. In voiceover or live, the author will tell a story to the visitor. He takes it from point A to point B and from one idea to another without losing it. The narration is dynamic, clear. The presenter’s reading is natural. For this, a very simple trick is to simulate that you expose your subject to your group of social media verification agency.

The form of a video script to be written

Depending on the length of the video, define what you need to unfold your teleprompter speech with ease. Are detailed note sheets sufficient for narration recording? Some podcasters are happy with it. Many Youtubers, however, confess to preparing a complete script to perform in front of the camera.

The structure of a video script

As mentioned earlier, having a structure on which to build an entire script offers comfort. From episode to episode, it will save you valuable writing time. Although it is impossible to tell everything, you will pass more information clearly through it.

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Again, the structure will support your speech to keep the visitor until the end of the video. This is a key YouTube SEO criterion. Here is a proposed template applicable to different types of videos (tutorials, vlogs, Top 5, web series, interviews, etc.).

  • A hook: she promises to finally answer this question that everyone is asking (without daring to say it).
  • A credit: short and punchy, it identifies you.
  • An introduction: it poses the situation, the problem. It reveals the resolution and the titles of the steps to get there. It is the announcement of your chapters. It sometimes already includes the visitor’s commitment request.
  • Chapters: from each title, you pull the thread on more or less detailed explanations. This helps keep the momentum going and wisely place calls to action on your products.
  • A conclusion in style with thanks: as in a meeting, this is where we take up the essential message or the initial intention of your channel. Raise your motivation to deliver that specific content to your community. There’s even room to slip in a call to action and an announcement of the next topic to keep your audience engaged.
  • A copywritten title panel: essential to catch the eye of the Internet user on your magnificent video.

3. Having a writer write your YouTube video scripts saves time and money

When you ask the heads of large companies about the keys to their success, one element is recurrent: knowing how to surround yourself with competent people. If writing your script for your YouTube video is time-consuming, delegating is a solution to consider.

Example of return on investment by delegating the writing of your YouTube video scripts

Let’s imagine that you are selling an online course. Your basic package costs 120 euros. Depending on the reading speed, a 3-minute video requires the design of a text of approximately 500 words. Depending on its complexity, the price of a web editor trained in SEO will be between 60 and 120 euros. Well guided, he is able to write it quickly taking into account:

  • his words, your voice, that is to say total respect for the tone that suits you;
  • content capable of seducing and moving your visitors to action.
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By delegating the writing of a script that gives you a hard time, you make your investment profitable at the first price sold. This frees up time for you to focus on your core business.

4. A YouTube video script writer is also an optimization idea generator

Perhaps you are sitting on an untapped gold mine! Indeed, there are many ways to get to the full benefit of a script that now exists. A professional web editor can for example:

  • write the presentation texts of the video;
  • take care of the referencing of your YouTube channel;
  • subtitle your videos in French or English;
  • reformulate your script to make it an optimized article for your blog;
  • transcribe existing videos;
  • extract a viral article to create buzz on social networks.

Having your YouTube video scripts written is an opportunity to explore your possibilities for expansion. The editors of the Redact’ Du Web are trained in natural referencing. A professional web writer can help you build your strategy to grow your YouTube channel. He will keep in mind a global vision of your positioning and your objectives. He will be a source of proposals to increase your visibility and your audience across your entire digital ecosystem.

Let’s end by recalling that YouTube’s vocation is to give everyone a voice. It’s a godsend when you want to pass on your passion and develop your online business. Don’t let a blank page stop you. To you the studios!

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