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15 Key Features for a Successful Mobile Commerce App

15 Key Features for a Successful Mobile Commerce App

M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is the simplified version of the eCommerce platform on portable devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. A commerce mobile app features a range of facilities that benefits a consumer. Consumerism is not coming to a halt, and since the phenomenon of online shopping is charting through the roof, mCommerce is here to stay.

The covid-19 pandemic taught a bunch to the world about the power of digitalization. Businesses that seemed reluctant to notice digital were forced to adapt to the likings of it due to lockdowns and worldwide quarantine. Now, no business denies the importance of digital business, and more businesses are switching to digital.

mCommerce has dominated the field of online shopping. With its convenience and easy-to-access features, mCommerce provides appropriate consumer solutions to customers around the world. If you are an eCommerce business, you might be wondering, what are some of the features of a successful mobile commerce app? In this article, we have compiled 15 key features of a successful mobile commerce app. Let’s discuss each, one by one.

Simplified Navigation

Since we are focusing on providing convenience, the first thing we should be looking for is navigation. A well-developed mobile app is easy to use. As a mCommerce app, you should prioritize a simple navigation interface so that users/consumers don’t have a hard time surfing your mCommerce app. Oftentimes, we add too much fluff in apps to stand apart from the competition. You shouldn’t go for too much; a simplified interface will do the job just fine.

Integrated Registration Process

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Don’t make your consumer search for the registration process. As soon as they open your mCommerce app, they should be greeted with a registration process. Not just any registration process, but an integrated one. Your mCommerce app should give multiple options to consumers to register through Google, Facebook, etc. Doing this eliminates making them fill in the details, which is time-consuming and, quite frankly, a drag.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is another feature you should be eyeing in your mobile commerce app. If you have multiple physical locations of your store, you can include location tracking in your mobile commerce app. When a user opens your app, the app will ask for its location and suggest the nearest location for your physical store. In that way, you’ll let the user know that they can surf the app and visit your store and physically buy the products.

Push Notifications

The best thing about mobile apps is that when a user signs up, you get their information. Based on their history of buying and interests, you can personalized push notifications. The mobile commerce app will also notify the customers about cart abandonments, urging the consumer to complete the purchase. The push notification feature is essential for mCommerce apps because mobile commerce apps are need-based apps, not social apps that users open regularly.

Flexible Payment Options

As a mCommerce platform, you don’t want your consumer to abandon the cart due to payment issues. Payment options are crucial when it comes to eCommerce. If you are trying to get your mCommerce app developed, the eCommerce app estimation will differ based on the number of payment options you include in your app. Try to include every popular payment option in your mCommerce app so that customers have no problem with paying the price for the products.

Feedback System

Mistakes are bound to happen, and queries are bound to take place. mCommerce app with a functioned feedback system provides the added value customers look for in the mobile apps. eCommerce is all about testimonials and reviews. It’s hard to trust the product, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Having that review feature in the app helps build trust in the platform and the products.

High-Res Product Images

If you want to convert your leads into sales, you need to focus on a few things. Product images are probably the first thing you need to focus on. Customers who shop online are at the mercy of click-bait products and vague product descriptions. To avoid creating doubts in the minds of customers, you need to provide them with clear product images. A high-res product image of the actual product will enable customers to see and expect the real thing.

Product Specifications

Another thing to focus on when converting sales is the product descriptions. As discussed above, vague product descriptions will not provide favorable results to your mobile commerce app and business. As a business owner, you should focus on providing such information that helps create a mental image of the product in the customer’s mind. For instance, an accepted practice is to include the dimensions of the product (height, width, weight, color, etc.), which will help create a mental image of the product.

Wishlist Feature

Learn from the best. The wishlist feature in a mobile commerce app is an important feature for the customer and the business owner. If a product is out of stock, a wishlist feature will inform the store owner about the demand for the said product. When you get that product restocked, use your push notification feature and let the customers know about the product’s availability.

Product Recommendations

Artificial intelligence is changing the tides of doing business. It has helped businesses sift through customers’ likings in ways never done before. A product recommendation feature helps customers show relevant and related products to their searches. Product recommendations can also work on the type of products bought by a certain customer over a period of time. Product recommendation helps the customers (who get relevant products on their feed) and the mCommerce app (which increases the chances of sales).

Order Tracking

When you turn your eCommerce web to an app, make sure you include the order tracking feature. After placing their order, customers look for the time of order arrival. The anticipation is intense. So, when you add an order tracking feature, you let your customer know when to anticipate the order and make them available for delivery.

Dark Mode

Remember when we talk about providing convenience to customers? This is one of those examples. The dark mode feature is by far one of the popular features in mobile apps. From social media apps to mobile Os, dark mode is winning users’ hearts. The dark mode is easy to eyes, doesn’t irritate, and can be viewed at night. So, if you are looking to win hearts, make sure to include the dark mode in your mobile commerce app. These are the little things that add value to your business and create trust and reliability in the minds of customers.

Discounts Campaigns

A separate discount feature is a must-have for mobile commerce apps. More than buying products, consumers love getting discounts and offers. When they get discounts and offers, they are willing to make the purchase on products they don’t even want. That’s the power of urgency and limitations, and as a business owner, you need to play with the phenomenon. Create discount campaigns and up your marketing strategy. In no time, you will notice the difference in your sales.


This is perhaps the most important feature of a mCommerce app. A mobile commerce app will collect information like billing addresses, card information, and contact information that needs to be protected from being vulnerable. Never compromise on the security aspect of your mCommerce app. It’s all about trust when it comes to business. If you lose that hard-earned trust of customers, you might as well close up shop. Customers will not risk their information no matter the quality of your products.

Chat Support

Lastly, you should add a chat support feature to your mobile commerce app. Now, there are two ways to go about this feature. You can integrate chatbots, which are AI-based bots that can do the job for you. Or, you can opt for a more personal human touch by hiring professional customer representatives. Either way, well-functioned chat support keeps your customer base retention.



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