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10 Creative Ways to Make Money Without Working for Someone

10 Creative Ways to Make Money Without Working for Someone

If you are industrious and creative and don’t like the idea of having a boss, there are lots of ways you can make money without working for someone else.  You can be your own boss.  Today, more than ever, there are opportunities to make money with the skills you possess, or the things that you own.  They’re all investments that you’ve made in yourself – your skills and your possessions.  Here, then, is a listing of creative ways you can make money, without having a traditional job where you work for someone or some company.  Call it creative self-employment. Let’s go.

Rent out Your Car

Yes, you can easily rent your car out on a short-term basis to people in need of wheels.  One of the finest car sharing platforms out of Toronto, Ontario is RideAlike.  They feature all kinds of different short-term vehicle rentals.  List your car for rent on their site, and it will start to make money for you during its idle time.  You stay home and the rental fees are deposits straight to you.  It’s simple, easy and your ride is fully cover comprehensive insurance.

Pet Sit, Pet Walk

Put your love of animals to work and earn money doing it.  Pet sitters, dog walkers – are in demand and you can charge whatever you feel your services are worth. Do it at the client’s place, or have them bring the critter over.  It’s an excellent way to put your at-home hours to work and make money.

Sell Your Photography

Today’s cell phones and tablets take pro-quality pictures.  If you’re good at it, sell your photographs.  There are several online options for you to upload your images and sell them.  They are in demand by all kinds of businesses – try Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Tutor or Teach

If you are strong in some teachable topic or other, you can put those skills to work as a tutor or private instructor.  Music, math, English, or any other topic you have knowledge of.  Classes can be in-person or online. Either way, there are ways to make money from teaching the skills you have.

Rent Out Your Possessions

You may have stuff that could be making you extra dollars by simply renting them out.  Lawnmowers, for example, are in demand by folks who simply want to cut their grass but don’t own a mower.  Musicians can rent out gear or instruments, clothes hounds can rent out their duds, etc.  All you have to do is put the word out there online, or on social media – and watch the rental requests come in.

Freelance in Many Capacities

Freelancers are getting paid good money in many fields, including creative writing, editing and proofreading, coding, graphic design – the list goes on and on.  There are many online platforms where you can promote your skills.  If you possess the skill, there’s likely someone out there willing to pay you for it.

House Sitting Services

Busy people out there are often in need of someone to come over to their place, check on things, and straighten up a bit.  If you are good at this sort of thing and are a reliable, trustworthy individual, there are frequent travellers and business people out there who need their place looked after when they’re gone.  Post your availability online – you’ll likely get responses.

Virtual Assistant

This is an excellent opportunity if you have clerical or administrative skills, such as typing, organizing emails, taking phone calls and messages, and other general office-related skills.  Companies and home-based businesses often turn to virtual assistants for help; they’re willing to pay for your virtual assistant services.

Transcriptionist Services

If your specialty is taking down words from recorded sources such as audio or video, this is a great home-based job for you.  Accurate transcriptionists are in demand.  It’s a skill many businesses and individuals are more than happy to pay for.

Handyman or Handywoman Services

If you know how things work, how to fix things, how to maintain things if you’re good with tools and are mechanically incline – put those valuable skills to work.  Put your name out there as a handyperson and you will start to get work; people are always looking for skilled reliable repair persons. It’s a potential moneymaker, something you’re already good at.


We hope this list has given you some inspiration for self-employment ideas.  The work is out there, and there’s money to be make without working with a boss.  Best of luck with your career aspirations.

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